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 executive functioning coach

About me I'm energetic, active and spontaneous. I have lived in the UK for the past two years but have been born and raised in Malta. I help Ambitious Professionals gain grounding in their personal development through Confidence, Direction, Positive Energy and bringing out the Potential in the individual. Approaching Life with a good attitude will lead to exciting opportunities and experiences; better relationships with the people around you and most importantly more fulfillment within your day to day life. I have gained extensive experience as an ICF Accredited Coach the past year; helping clients from 10 years old to 55 years old with a main focus on 24+ years old. 

Something unique about me 

I bring good energy, creativity and strong intuition. My passions run through martial arts, crossfit, outdoor adventure, music - singing and piano; most of all being part of a fun and supportive community. I have also been a volunteer with Malta Red Cross as a First Aider and Ambulance Driver. 

I am a creative individual - I “spice” up the coaching sessions to bring a different perspective and opportunities to my clients. 

Specialist areas and experience

I became a Coach because I want to bring the best out of people. I proved to myself that I can be who I want to be, and that I can achieve what I set my mind to. This state of mind offered me plenty of life experiences from exploring the world, earning fantastic Job roles and helping Ambitious individuals in creating a Fulfilling and Successful Life. 

Through Empowerment Coaching I have specialised first and foremost in Confidence, Courage and Self-Identity. I have a strong creative and active background, therefore helping you think outside the box is crucial either indoors or outdoors through different approaches. Focusing on the engagement style of the individual to make most of the sessions together. The following are my specialities: 

Confidence: Finding your self-worth and earning positive energy through yourself. Courage: Creating the type of Mindset that looks forward to stepping into the unknown. Feel the fear and do it anyway. 

Self-Identity: Clarifying the type of person you are, the type of energy you bring to a place, the environments where you`re keen to be part of and the environments that you feel more reserved. Bringing confidence to who you are, and owning it. 

Other than that I focus as well on the following: 

Energy: Working on the kind of energy you want to experience most of your time. Contentedness, Happiness, Excitement, Happiness etc. 

Career: Feel happy and fulfilled either: within your role, or through a better position or becoming your own boss by starting your own business. 

Carefree: Introducing a smile more frequently through your day to day life by introducing your kind of carefree in your life. Let it be through creativity, less overthinking, having fun, stepping outside of your comfort zone Authenticity: Living life honestly, true to you and feeling confident about it Relationships: Appreciating one's own self as an individual before committing to a relationship or whilst in a relationship. 

Goals: Stepping into the “Possible” world and making your visions possible. Because we are who we want to be and We Achieve What We Set Our Mind To. 

Qualifications and training 

ICF Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching 

7 Week Programme - Achieving Goals 

6 Weeks Programme - Business Building 

First Aid Course

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in 3D Design and Interiors 


Monday - Friday: 7am - 6.30pm 

Saturday: 9am - 3pm 

My coaching philosophy 

Owning our own individuality - Feeling Confident in our own Skin - Having a Voice and Courage to Speak Up - Make your own life how YOU want it to be. You and I together will bring the best of you to create a future you will be proud of. We are who we want to be and we achieve what we set our mind to. 

Choose me if 

If you want Fulfillment 

If you want to gain lasting Courage, Empowerment, and Drive 

If you want to feel Excited about your day to day life 

If you would like Strong Foundations of Self-Worth, Confidence and Owning who you are and then continue building the life that you'd be excited for. If you want to feel happier at work 

If you want to bring out your creative side, your active side 

If you want to overcome your fears and limitations 

If you know you want a better Well-being and move forward to where you want to be.

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