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1. Academics and Learning 

-Boosting English (Receptive and Expressive Language, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Comprehension) via multiple developmentally appropriate techniques;

-Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills Programme for students with dyspraxia (ex. strengthening core and fun multisensory fine motor activities using tweezers, pegs, etc.);

-Fun and hands-on Maths with multi-sensory learning activities;

-Personal Social Health Education 

2. Communication, Language, and Expression

-Using Picture Exchange Communication System;

-Aided Language Stimulation Boards;

-Makaton for Communication & increasing Confidence & Self Esteem;

-Implementing the Gina Davies Attention Autism Approach for building Attention, Expressive & Receptive Language & Independence;

-Using Play Lego / Food Therapy for Following Instructions, Turn-Taking & Consolidating Curriculum Learning;

-Liaising with Professionals and Family;

-Using dance as communicating and expressing ourselves and our feelings via our body; (taught Dance to students with various special and medical needs as part of PE);

3. Social Communication Skills Coaching

- Building children's, adolescents' and adults' Social Communication Skills via building awareness on:

-Body Language: Eye Contact, Facial Expression, Gesture, Distance, Touch, Fidgeting, Posture, Personal Appearance;

-The Way We Talk: Volume, Rate, Clarity, Intonation, Fluency;

-Conversations: Listening, Starting A Conversation, Taking Turns, Asking Questions, Answering Questions, Being Relevant, Repairing, Ending A Conversation;

-Assertiveness: Expressing Feelings, Standing Up For Yourself, Making Suggestions. Refusing, Disagreeing, Complaining, Apologising, Requesting Explanations;

4.  Executive Function Coaching & Revision Skills / Techniques (Neuroscience based)

-Working Memory Strategies;

-Sustained Attention Strategies;

-Improving Students' Study & Revision Techniques that suit students' individual personality & needs;

-Organisation Strategies;

-Goal-Directed Persistence Strategies;

-Task Initiation Strategies;

-Planning & Prioritisation Strategies;

-Flexibility Strategies;

-Metacognition Strategies;

-Building Students' Metacognition and Reflection via Fun Activities and Adventures which directly link to their Executive Function Skills;

-Response Inhibition Strategies;

-Emotional Control Strategies.

5. Confidence, Self Esteem, and Independence

-Using psychology and tailor-made coaching to increase inspiration, self-worth and confidence;

-Using dance to build balance (ex. complex movement and training can restore some of the balance lost in case of medical needs, such as hearing, visual loss, etc.);

-Using dance to build social skills, confidence, independence, and euphoric feelings (dopamine and serotonin) gradually by trusting ourselves, experiencing being with others, experiencing space, contact improvisation, having tactile and kinaesthetic experience;

6. Behaviour

-Using Self Management & Behaviour Strategies;

We can provide:

-Individualised Communication, Comprehension, Phonics, Reading & Writing Plan;

-Social Communication Skills Plan for Children, Adolescents & Adults;

-Appropriate Scaffolding when needed ex. verbal, visual, physical, gestural prompting if appropriate for increased independence; (For example, prewriting programmes for handwriting if needed);

-Makaton Training;

-Visual Timetables for Routine, Structure & Independence;

-Personalised Social Stories for reduced Social Anxiety;

-A fun approach to Maths;

-Coaching targeted to increasing confidence and self-esteem;

-Self Regulation & Behaviour Support Plans;

-Risk Assessments for Outings.

My Coaching Philosophy

  • I believe that a holistic and systemic approach is crucial for a long-lasting impact.

  • I always aim at surrounding the learning and coaching with the pupils' interests, as I know that intrinsic inspiration leads to independence, determination, and maximised performance. It also helps with long-term memory, consolidation of new learning experiences as well as positive habit formation.

  • Teaching and coaching can both be teacher|coach led, student-led and I am a huge advocate of cross-curriculum experiential learning via discovery and by enhancing students’ academic, behavioural, social, executive function, and life skills through generalisation in the real world.

  • I also love using scaffolding techniques as they can easily build up young people's confidence and self-esteem when they achieve their SMART targets with small step-by-step mentoring.


Apply to work with me if: 

You want to work with an expert in SEN (17 years of experience);

You want the latest neuroscience strategies for increased inspiration, motivation, independence;

You want to work with a specialist in enhancing communication, comprehension, reading, writing, listening & speaking;

Your want appropriate self-regulation, self-management, emotional control, building self-esteem, and confidence strategies;

You need a specialist with lots of SLT and OT experience.

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