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1. Academics and Learning 

-Boosting English (Receptive and Expressive Language, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Comprehension) via multiple developmentally appropriate techniques;

-Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills Programme for students with dyspraxia (ex. strengthening core and fun multisensory fine motor activities using tweezers, pegs, etc.);

-Fun and hands-on Maths with multi-sensory learning activities;

-Personal Social Health Education 

2. Communication, Language, and Expression Coaching

-Learn how to create and use a picture exchange communication system (PECS) in order to boost your child's expressive language,

-Learn how to use aided language stimulation boards in order to utilise all learning opportunities and promote communication, language and expression in different settings,

-Learn how to use Makaton for communication in order to increase your child's self esteem and confidence,

-Learn how to use the Gina Davies attention autism approach in order to help your child build attention, expressive and receptive language and independence,

-Learn how to use play lego and food therapy in order to help your child follow instructions, take turns and consolidating the curriculum.

3. Social Communication Skills Coaching

- Building Social Communication Skills via building awareness on:

-Body language: eye contact, facial expression, gesture, distance, touch, fidgeting, posture, personal appearance;

-The way we talk: Volume, rate, clarity, intonation, fluency,

-Conversations: Listening, starting a conversation, taking turns, asking questions, answering questions, being relevant, repairing, ending a conversation;

-Assertiveness: expressing feelings, standing up for yourself, making suggestions. refusing, disagreeing, complaining, apologising, requesting explanations.

4.  Play based ADHD and Executive Function Coaching for kids (9-13 years old)

-Working memory 

-Sustained attention 

-Improving students' study and revision skills 


-Goal-directed persistence 

-Task initiation 

-Planning and prioritisation 

-Flexibility and resilience


-Building students' executive functioning via fun online activities, adventures, challenges, games and marathons

-Response inhibition 

-Emotional control 

5. Confidence, Self Esteem, and Independence

-Using psychology and tailor-made coaching to increase inspiration, self-worth and confidence;

6. Behaviour

-Using self management and behaviour strategies;

We can provide:

-Individualised communication, comprehension, phonics, reading and writing plan,

-Social communication skills plan,

-Appropriate scaffolding when needed ex. verbal, visual, physical, gestural prompting for increased independence (for example, prewriting programmes for handwriting),

-Makaton training,

-Visual timetables for routine, structure and independence,

-Personalised social stories for reduced social anxiety,

-A fun learning approach,

-Coaching targeted to increasing self image, esteem and confidence,

-Self regulation and behaviour support plans.

My Coaching Philosophy

  • I believe that a holistic and systemic approach is crucial for a long-lasting impact.

  • I always aim at surrounding the learning and coaching with the pupils' interests, as I know that intrinsic inspiration leads to independence, determination, and maximised performance. It also helps with long-term memory, consolidation of new learning experiences as well as positive habit formation.

  • Teaching and coaching can both be teacher|coach led, student-led and I am a huge advocate of cross-curriculum experiential learning via discovery and by enhancing students’ academic, behavioural, social, executive function, and life skills through generalisation in the real world.

  • I also love using scaffolding techniques as they can easily build up young people's confidence and self-esteem when they achieve their SMART targets with small step-by-step mentoring.


Apply to work with me if: 

You want to work with an expert in SEN (17 years of experience);

You want the latest neuroscience strategies for increased inspiration, motivation, independence;

You want to work with a specialist in enhancing communication, comprehension, reading, writing, listening & speaking;

Your want appropriate self-regulation, self-management, emotional control, building self-esteem, and confidence strategies;

You need a specialist with lots of SLT and OT experience.

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