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Executive Function Coaching

What is Executive Function Coaching?

Neuroscience based bespoke one to one coaching, which focuses on the 11 areas of our executive centre of the brain:

Response Inhibition (The skill to stop and think in order to delay an impulsive action)

Working Memory (The ability to remember relevant information and apply it when necessary)

Emotional Control (The ability to manage feelings and emotions effectively)

Sustained Attention (The ability to focus and concentrate despite distractions)

Task Initiation (The ability to take action without procrastinating)

Planning / Prioritisation (The ability to implement a set of strategies in order to achieve a micro task or goal)

Organisation (The ability to implement a system in order to achieve your goal)

Time Management (The ability to respond to micro tasks in a timely fashion)

Goal Directed Persistence (The ability to complete tasks that require sustained effort and persistence)

Flexibility (The ability to be adaptable, to improvise and shift approach depending on context)

Metacognition (The ability to observe, monitor and assess performance)

The online programme starts with an personalised executive function evaluation and formulation  plan.

What are Executive Function Challenges?

Executive Function Challenges could affect but they are not exclusive to people with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)/ Autism,  Sensory or Auditory Processing Disorder and other learning and behavioural, emotional, social, mental or sensory needs.

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executive function coaching online
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