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Anna has extensive experience & provides tuition, coaching & support in:

- Using PECS, ALS Boards, Makaton & Intensive Interaction for communication & increasing confidence,

-Implementing the Gina Davies Attention Autism Approach for attention building, enhancing expressive & receptive language & independence,

-Play Lego/ Food Therapy for following instructions, turn taking & consolidating Curriculum Learning

-Executive Mind Coaching for children, adolescents and adults with Executive Function Challenges

- Colourful Semantics for syntax/ sentence building & answering comprehension questions.

- Language for Thinking for building expressive language & understanding of the world.

- SCERTS, PIVATS, SIMS, B-Squared, MAPP, Communication Matrix, Routes for Learning, Arbor for effective target setting, monitoring performance & assessment.

She also provides:

-Visual Timetables for routine, structure & independence

-Personalised Social Stories for reduced social anxiety

-Calm & Relaxation Techniques

-Zones of Regulation & Tools

-Behaviour Support Plans

-Risk Assessments for Outings