Anna Daphna MBPsS

Executive Function, Life and Peak Performance Coaching

Special Education Tuition and Social Skills Coaching

Educational and Behavioural Consultancy 

'Helping neurodiverse people and families with Executive Function Challenges, ADHD, Dyslexia, ASD maximise Joy and Performance'.

I am helping children, adolescents and adults maximise happiness and performance in all areas of life. I help families with executive function challenges thrive by overcoming personal efficiency, executive function, academic, life, business, behavioural, social, emotional, mental, spiritual and personal challenges.

Typical outcomes my clients get, include:

More confidence and self esteem,

More joy and happiness,

Solid Revision Skills and better academic performance,  

More independence,

Improved Social Communication Skills,

More impact, executive power and income in life and in business,

More balance




A purposeful life full of fulfilment.  

I am a psychologist with British Psychological Society accreditation (MBPsS), certified Executive Function Coach and Qualified Teacher with QTS. I help people reach their next level of excellence via executive function and peak performance coaching, SEN tuition, educational and behavioural consulting. My approach is fun, holistic and client led at heart.

I have an insatiable desire to help people who need it the most. I would love to speak with you and be the catalyst for the change that you need.                                                                         

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