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High-Performance Life Coaching

Who is high-performance life coaching for?

This is a tailor-made one to one online coaching programme designed to help you increase happiness and confidence and maximise performance. There are different packages and programmes for children, adolescents and adults you can choose from. You can choose the duration, frequency and pace of the sessions so that it suits your needs.

The programme is perfect for you or your child, if you:

  • Want to build a winning mindset,

  • Want to have more clarity and vitality,

  • Want to awaken your inspiration and motivation,

  • Want to boost self-esteem and self-confidence,

  • Want to decrease stress and create work and life balance,

  • Want to increase joy and happiness,

  • Want to maximise efficiency and productivity,

  • Want to accelerate all areas of your life and reach your next level of excellence,

  • Want to leverage your executive strengths and work on your executive function challenges,

  • Want to build your executive power, learn new ways to lead your team and inspire your employees,

  • Have a formal diagnosis or suspect to have ADHD, ASD, dyslexia or executive function challenges



  • We work with the subconscious and eliminate past programming, self-sabotaging beliefs and emotions,

  • We create a strong self-image and identity aligned with your goals,

  • We determine your principles, values and highest priorities and align your thoughts, feelings and actions with them,

  • We go through a neuroscience-based goal-setting process that is designed to get you faster where you want,

  • We provide accountability, measure progress and tweak strategies regularly,

  • We create high-performance habits and routines that trigger flow.

How Can The Right Coach Help You Get What You Want?

1) You see yourself and others more clearly. Research has shown that self-awareness is highly correlated with organisational effectiveness.

2) You learn new ways to respond. What got you here, won't get you there. We all have a set of capabilities and responses that may serve us well at a certain level but will not get us to where we really want to go either it is more senior leadership, better relationships, different approaches to manage everyday challenges, better performance, you name it.

3) Leverage your existing strengths. Having an effective and supportive coach can also help you see and leverage strengths you already have but you may be underestimating.

4) Build happier and more productive relationships. Not being able to build strong relationships with people who are different from yourself in terms of background, beliefs, preferred style of working, etc. can limit your effectiveness. The quality of your relationships is the quality of your life.

5) Become successful. The right coach can help you get crystal clear about your goals and wishes and about what you can do to achieve them. The coach can use both support and challenge and will hold you accountable for what you said you wanted. 
​6)The unique aspect you discover working with me is that I will listen actively to what you want to say but when the time is right I might be deliberately confrontational, direct, and assertive. I might invite you to closely examine the areas of life you are neglecting.  

This isn't warm and fuzzy. Transformation happens when you are up against it

What are the Incredible Results You Can Expect?

  • Identify and reprogram your subconscious beliefs

  • Optimise your success with the right high-performance routines

  • Use neurological anchors to accelerate your goal setting

  • Recreate yourself for success

  • Identify toxic relationships and neutralise them

  • Learn to deal with grievances and losses

  • Living congruently and authentically according to what is most meaningful to you​

  • ​Unlocking pristine clarity and purpose

  • Eliminating distractions to unlock hyperfocus

  • Ending self-sabotage

  • Making exhaustion and burnout impossible

  • Battling stress, anxiety and overwhelm

  • Having automatic inspiration and motivation

  • Having the mindset of a winner

  • Having more vitality and energy​

  • ​Being more driven and focused

  • Having a system that creates structure and produces results


As a result of the above:​

  • ​If you are a business owner or entrepreneur you will be able to increase impact and income over time


  • ​If you are a student you will be able to maximise school or university performance over time. 

How long are you going to repeat yesterday's actions?
Tomorrow is decided on what you do today.

The choice is yours. I will see you at the call :) 

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