What is the purpose of the complimentary call?

The purpose of the complimentary call is:

1. To determine whether we are the right chemistry fit


2. For me to fully understand what your needs and wants are and assess the situation.

Given that the fit is right and I believe I could help, I will then explain how I work and tell you which program is suitable for you.

What shall I expect after the initial evaluation session?

The purpose of the initial evaluation session is to get to know each other and build trust and rapport.

You will be sent within the next few days:

1. Your or your child's executive function strengths and challenges (a summary)

as well as

2. The goals that you or your child set during the session (goal setting and action plan document)

Please note that:

1. The goal setting and action plan document is a working document that will be refined and tweaked regularly as we forge our collaborative work together. You will be able to add more targets with time. The purpose of the evaluation session is not to determine all the targets you will be working towards over the next 6 or 12 months ready and written down. This can be fine tuned as we go along.

2. If you wish to have a more comprehensive evaluation report (3-5 pages) which includes detailed suggestions and recommendations, this is a different service that can be booked for an additional cost here. Simply choose evaluation report.

Is online coaching appropriate for individuals with dyspraxia?

Yes! In online coaching we may use Zoom annotate, interactive whiteboards, fun educational games, typing, drawing, the metaverse, if appropriate. Please let us know your or your child's unique preferences, if you choose not to use this option. People with dyspraxia often use touch typing and are encouraged to use technology as much as possible alongside their gross motor and fine motor occupational therapy program. It is based on your unique learning preferences whether or not you wish to use technology. It is not counter indicated for people with dyspraxia to use technology. On the contrary, it is highly recommended for people with dyspraxia to leverage this learning tool as much as possible. If for any reason, you or your child with dyspraxia does not feel confident to use technology, please let us know.

Will it be stressful for my child to have coaching on top of school, college, university?

No! All goals are self selected based on what is most important for you or your child. You or your child set the pace you feel comfortable with. Sometimes some accountability and pressure works well but is important to have the right amount.