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Executive Function Coaching


Executive Function is a Key Predictor of Life Success. 

Coaching as an intentionally inclusive space should honour you as a whole person, not just targeting the challenges you are facing right now. 


Our empowering, holistic and strengths-based approach leverages proven models of change. And our practices are culturally responsive and neuroscience informed for a far-reaching impact on all areas of life.

  1. Lead with your superpowers and reclaim your confidence. 

  2. Flow into happiness and high performance.

  3. Thrive and aspire to be the best that you can be.


What is the Executive Centre of our Brain or our Executive Function Skills?

Science tells us that brains and minds are built and not born. At the centre of this dynamic, intricate, and complex architecture is the most evolved part of the human brain, the executive centre of the brain, and a set of skills, what we call our executive or executive function skills.


The prefrontal cortex or the front part of our brain is important for executive functioning but it is at the same time linked to all other brain regions. Think of the executive centre of the brain as the CEO of our brain, it controls our behaviour through its interactions with all parts of our brain.


Executive function skills are ultimately the cognitive processes that help us regulate, control and manage our thoughts and actions. They include response inhibition, emotional control, working memory, sustained attention, task initiation, planning and prioritisation, organisation, time management, goal-directed persistence, and metacognition.

What is it and why do you need Executive Function Coaching?

Every single one of us has a totally unique executive function profile with both strengths and challenges. The good news is that due to neuroplasticity we can train our neural connections and change the structure of our brain by enhancing our executive function strengths and working on our challenges. Our executive function profile can look different after 6 months of plasticity based intervention and/or executive function coaching.

How can I help you maximise happiness and performance by enhancing your executive function skills?

As everyone is unique for a bespoke coaching programme tailored to your and/or your child's unique needs, please book a free consultation to discuss your concerns and create a plan together. ​

Are you: 
-16 years old or older?
-Do you have executive function challenges?
-Do you live in England, Scotland or Wales?

-An apprentice or intern?
-Do you want to have work experience?
-Employed/Self Employed/Sole Trader?
If you are currently not working, you can still apply for the Access to Work funding. You need to register as a sole trader needing help for your business. 
You can claim back 6 months of dyslexia coaching from Access to Work.
Your business, employer or you pay me in advance and then claim back each month's fees in arrears. 
Next steps:
1. We meet
2. Begin your Access to Work process, ask your employer to support you or we can do it together during the complimentary call
3. We start coaching 

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