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How can coaching help you?

1. Working with a coach holds a sacred space so that you can identify and explore your current situation. Coaching meets you where you are today. It creates clarity and a safe space for exploration.

2. Coaching is an investment that pays dividends for life! Coach and client share responsibility for co-creating a relationship. Adjusting, strategising, and taking action can create powerful results.

3. Coaching is all about you. The coaching space allows you to slow down, build awareness and find winning systems and routines that work.

4. Coaching saves time and heartache. Your best thinking yesterday is outdated today. You want to own your time and make the decisions that will take you where you want to go.

What are the benefits of online coaching?

  1. EXECUTIVE FUNCTION SKILLS: Although perhaps surprising, online coaching sessions are designed actually to help a child, adolescent, or adult to build their executive function skills. You can remain focused, attentive, and engaged because visuals and activities can be used for necessary brain-breaks but also for building focus and concentration. You can build your emotional control, cognitive flexibility, and memory using applications built for these skills and consolidate the new skills using playback sessions. These are perfect if you have challenges with cognitive processing and memory, as you will be able to review, stop or pause the sessions at any time, so you can rewatch them at their own pace and in your own time. Time management, planning, and prioritisation can easily be demonstrated in interactive session sharing screens.

  2. INDEPENDENCE and ACCOUNTABILITY: Online sessions allow an individual to take ownership over their own learning and performance. When self-discipline fails, get inspired and stick to your goals using as many strategies and accountability check-ins as you need. You might know the tools that you should follow but having the correct person to hold you accountable, whom you have to report to, makes an incredible difference in the execution and results. If you have ever had an accountability partner or coach, chances are you know the impact this can have on results.

  3. RELAXED ENVIRONMENT: Studies suggest we learn best when we are in a relaxed environment. With online coaching, you can take your laptop to any comfortable place or sit in the comfort of your own home on your computer to receive coaching. Perfect for individuals who may otherwise feel anxious.

  4. YOUR PREFERRED CHOICE OF SPECIALIST COACHES: The relationship between the student and coach is vital, but with many specialist coaches available for online sessions you can select the very 'best' coach in terms of skills, experience, and personality – regardless of your or their location, as opposed to the 'nearest' coach. It is so important to find a coach for you or your child, whose story you resonate with and whose energy lifts and inspires you. 

  5. AVAILABLE ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD, MORE FLEXIBILITY, and FREEDOM: Specialist executive function coaching sessions on your doorstep. You have the flexibility and freedom to be coached anywhere in the world. If you find you are away on business regularly, have a busy schedule, or live an ever-changing life, you can be coached anywhere and your progress doesn't need to be hindered by your travels. This convenience will save you a lot of time and you get much more access to me or your preferred coach. 

  6. FUN! Online coaching meetings offer a different and exciting dynamic. Online activities, resources, and games are readily available to engage and excite you, your son, or your daughter.

  7. ADAPTABILITY: Be coached when you and/or your child are available. If you get called into work early, if your child needs extra coaching because of upcoming GCSEs or A-Levels, or your meeting runs later than expected, you can schedule your coaching session around your availability and needs.

  8. DIRECT COMMUNICATION: With online coaching, you can get the support that you seek when you seek it. Ongoing and consistent communication via emails, calls, texts, Zoom, etc. can give you peace of mind.

  9. IMPROVED MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Tailor-made sessions can give you clarity in a very uncertain time. They can also boost your self-image, confidence, inspiration, and performance.

  10. TRACKED PROGRESS and EVALUATION: Progress is tracked easily with online systems.

    These are now becoming essential skills. Online coaching sessions can provide you and or your child with a head-start with these fine motor and ICT skills too!

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