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ADHD and Executive Function Coaching

What is the Executive Centre of our Brain or our Executive Function Skills?

Science tells us that brains and minds are built and not born. At the centre of this dynamic, intricate, and complex architecture is the most evolved part of the human brain, the executive centre of the brain, and a set of skills, what we call our executive or executive function skills.


The prefrontal cortex or the front part of our brain is important for executive functioning but it is at the same time linked to all other brain regions. Think of the executive centre of the brain as the CEO of our brain, it controls our behaviour through its interactions with all parts of our brain.


Executive function skills are ultimately the cognitive processes that help us regulate, control and manage our thoughts and actions. They include response inhibition, emotional control, working memory, sustained attention, task initiation, planning and prioritisation, organisation, time management, goal-directed persistence, and metacognition.

What is ADHD and Executive Function Coaching?

ADHD and executive function coaching is a neuroscience based, bespoke, one to one coaching, which focuses on the 11 areas of our executive centre of the brain:

Response Inhibition

The skill to stop and think in order to delay an impulsive action


Working Memory

The ability to remember relevant information and apply it when necessary


Emotional Control

The ability to manage feelings and emotions effectively.


Sustained Attention

The ability to focus and concentrate despite distractions.


Task Initiation

The ability to take action without procrastinating

Task Initiation.jpg


The ability to implement a set of strategies in order to achieve a micro task or goal

Plan and Prioritisation.jpg


The ability to implement a system in order to achieve your goal


Time Management

The ability to respond to micro-tasks in a timely fashion


Goal-Directed Persistence

The ability to complete tasks that require sustained effort and persistence

Goal directed persistence.jpg


The ability to be adaptable, to improvise and shift approach depending on context

Resilience, the ability to be happy or successful again after something difficult or bad h


The ability to observe, monitor and assess performance


What are Executive Function Challenges?

Executive function challenges are emotional, organisational and metacognitive challenges that can manifest in many ways.

For example:


-feeling overwhelmed

-feeling hurt when receiving corrective feedback

-having difficulty filtering your words


-misplacing personal items

-running late in meetings

-missing important deadlines


-losing personal items

-forgetting things you have committed to do

-difficulty in self evaluation and reflection

Challenges in our executive functioning affect but they are not exclusive to people with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD)/ autism,  sensory or auditory processing disorder and other learning, behavioural, emotional, social, mental or sensory needs.

How can ADHD and Executive Function Coaching help you maximise confidence and performance?

Every single one of us has a totally unique executive function profile with both strengths and challenges. The good news is that due to the brain's live wiring capability we can train our neural connections and change the structure of our brain by enhancing our executive function strengths and working on our challenges. Our executive function profile can look different after 6 months of live wiring and executive function coaching with the correct coach/mentor.​

As everyone is unique for a bespoke coaching programme tailored to your and/or your child's unique needs, please book a free call to discuss your concerns and create a plan together. 

Coaching can help you build a strong core identity, implement science-backed strategies and create the habits and routines that can help you achieve your goals. This is done using the brain's natural ability for live wiring, what neuroscientists call 'neuroplasticity'.


The coaching starts with a personalised executive function evaluation and formulation plan. This process forms a diagnostic tool that is the foundation of coaching and our collaborative work. The action plan is a working document that is edited and refined as we forge our work together. It is based on your unique executive function blueprint, values and projects you choose to work towards.


All projects and goals you work towards are self-selected and linked to your highest priorities so that inspiration and motivation are ignited. Progress is regularly measured so that momentum and achievement are ensured as you rebuild your confidence in your new skillset. You set the pace you feel comfortable with, although I might need to push you at times when I feel you are ready to level up.

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