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Academic | Educational Coaching
with Study and Revision Skills 

1. Academics and Educational

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-Learn how to boost English (receptive and expressive language, speaking, listening, reading, writing, comprehension) via multiple developmentally appropriate techniques;

-Consultancy on gross motor and fine motor skills for students with dyspraxia (ex. gross motor activities to strengthen the core and fun multisensory activities to strengthen fine motor skills, using tweezers, pegs, etc.);

-GCSE and A Levels coaching

2. Communication, Language, and Expression Coaching


-Learn how to create and use a picture exchange communication system (PECS) in order to boost your child's expressive language,

-Learn how to use aided language stimulation boards in order to utilise all learning opportunities and promote communication, language and expression in different settings,

-Learn how to use Makaton for communication in order to increase your child's self esteem and confidence,

-Learn how to use the Gina Davies attention autism approach in order to help your child build attention, expressive and receptive language and independence,

-Learn how to use play lego and food therapy in order to help your child follow instructions, take turns and consolidating the curriculum.

3. Social Communication Skills Coaching


-Build communication and social skills via building awareness on:

-Body language: eye contact, facial expression, gesture, distance, touch, fidgeting, posture, personal appearance;

-Tonality: volume, rate, clarity, intonation, fluency,

-Dynamics: Listening, starting a conversation, taking turns, asking questions, answering questions, being relevant, repairing, ending a conversation;

-Assertiveness: expressing feelings, standing up for yourself, making suggestions. refusing, disagreeing, complaining, apologising, requesting explanations.

4. Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Independence


-Using psychology and tailor-made coaching to increase inspiration, self-worth and confidence;

We can provide:

-Individualised communication, comprehension, phonics, reading and writing plan,

-Social communication skills plan,

-Appropriate scaffolding when needed ex. verbal, visual, physical, gestural prompting for increased independence (for example, prewriting programmes for handwriting),

-Makaton training,

-Visual timetables for routine, structure and independence,

-Personalised social stories for reduced social anxiety,

-A fun learning approach,

-Coaching targeted to increasing self image, esteem and confidence,

-Self regulation and behaviour support plans.

My Coaching Philosophy

  • I believe that a holistic and systemic approach is crucial for a long-lasting impact.

  • I always aim at surrounding the learning and coaching with the pupils' interests, as I know that intrinsic inspiration leads to independence, determination, and maximised performance. It also helps with long-term memory, consolidation of new learning experiences as well as positive habit formation.

  • Teaching and coaching can both be teacher|coach led, student-led and I am a huge advocate of cross-curriculum experiential learning via discovery and by enhancing students’ academic, behavioural, social, executive function, and life skills through generalisation in the real world.

  • I also love using scaffolding techniques as they can easily build up young people's confidence and self-esteem when they achieve their SMART targets with small step-by-step mentoring.

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