ADD | ADHD Coaching

ADD | ADHD Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a recent ADHD diagnosis?

Are you a student struggling at school because everyone tells you how much potential you have and that you just have to try harder?

Do you feel stuck because everyone else seems to achieve their goals while you struggle to organise your life in order to move forward?

We are a team of experts in psychology, coaching, and education.
We help clients globally:

1. Understand more about yourself and/or your child and ADHD,
2. Identify and your and/or your child's unique executive function | ADHD strengths and areas for development,
3. Realise what got you stuck, clarify your values and goals and start taking small steps that will build momentum...

The world is a fast pace and full of distractions place. ADHD might block your ability to ignore distractions and redirect your attention to the priority task at hand. This can be very annoying might be an understatement. 

Coaching is not only about peak performance and high achievement. It is so much more than this.

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1. ADHD coaching helps you move out of overanalysing (analysis paralysis) and into action. 

2. It boosts your executive function superpowers and works on areas for development, whatever this may be.

3. Resets your mindset, self image and confidence for a new way of being and living.

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