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About me

My name is Stavroula and I am a rigorously intellectual  young professional with core competencies in Special Education, Behaviour Analysis and Management and Learning Disability support  for children and adolescents, their families as well as those people  who are keen on growing to their fullest capacities . I have worked as  a SEN teacher for the last ten years, supporting children with  disabilities and behaviours that challenge to overcome these barriers  and reach their full potential. I have also worked as Behaviour 

consultant encouraging neurotypical people to identify their human 

potential and achieve their goals. My current area of focus is Applied  Behaviour Analysis and coaching.

Something unique about me 

What makes me unique is mainly my interpersonal skills and the fact that I find it easy to  relate to other people. Also, I love listening to people’s stories while maintaining a sense of humour, even in the bleakest of times.

Specialist areas and experience 

I have worked as a Special Education Teacher (SEN) /Teaching and Behaviour consultant  for the last ten years in a variety of Mainstream and Special settings, both in the UK and  Greece, supporting children and adolescents with disabilities and behaviours that challenge  to overcome these barriers and reach their full potential. I have also worked as a Behaviour  consultant encouraging neurotypical people to identify their potential and achieve, in all key  areas of their lives. 

During my career I have worked with clients diagnosed with:  

∙ Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 

∙ Learning Disabilities (LD) 

∙ Emotional Behavioural and Social Difficulties (EBS) 

∙ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 

∙ Down syndrome/Down’s syndrome  

∙ Williams syndrome  

I am currently working towards my Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) accreditation  as well as my Diploma in Life coaching and Leadership. My main areas of focus lie on  Behaviour consulting and coaching.

Qualifications and training 

∙ Bed in Special Education  

∙ Msc in Applied Behaviour Analysis 

∙ Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in SEN settings 

∙ 6-week Coaching and Mentoring training 

∙ Registered Behaviour Technician:40-hour Coursework Requirement ∙ PECS implementer certification 

∙ TeamTeach training 

∙ Structured Teaching Basics with Catherine Faherty (TEACCH) 

∙ Teaching Functional Communication Skills 

∙ Guide to Managing Challenging Behaviours 

∙ European first aid certification 

∙ 40-hour Training in Clinical Psychology and the Sociology of the gender ∙ A 70-hour Training «Specialised Educational Support Programme for the inclusion of  students with disability or/and special educational needs» 

∙ Training in Individualized Support Programmes for Students with Disabilities or/and  Special Educational Needs» 


I am available for an initial 30 minute complimentary meeting, by arrangement. 

My coaching philosophy 

Everyone has their own potential as long as they realize what it is they truly desire. Everything we all experience today is the consequence of our behaviour made in the past! It  is up to you to replace previous behaviours with new ones and achieve your full potential. 

Choose me if you are eager to learn: 

∙ The “why” behind your behaviour. 

∙ What motivates you. 

∙ What sets a barrier to you. 

∙ What encourages human to work to their fullest potential, not just for a short while  but for the long haul. 

∙ How to bring out the best in you. 

If any of these resonate with you, then I am looking forward to meeting you and let the  journey begin.

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