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How To Access Flow State in 2021

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

2020 has been the year from hell. We all know it and some of us want to sleep when wake up when it ends. But how can we take all this chaos and craziness and turn it into your favour? It's all in the power of your mind. Let me show you how.

We are not able to see new opportunities or succeed when we feel anxious, unresourceful or disempowered. This is because when we are feeling stressed we resort to the fight, flight or freeze state. This is the opposite of the flow state, where we experience success and happiness.

Flow state is a powerful state of mind when we feel amazing and are extremely efficient and productive. It feels like flowing through our work automatically without resistance or forcing ourselves to it.

Getting into the flow state though doesn’t happen by accident. Here are 8 daily top level habits that trigger flow state.

1.Meditation, visualisation, breathing or prayer

2.Hydration, healthy diet, exercise

3.Clarity of vision

4.SMART action plan

5.Elimination of distractions

6.Using appropriate language and taking care of ourselves

7.Burning desire and momentum, which is the opposite to a state of inertia

8.Focusing on the present, who we need to be today in order to succeed and be happy and on what we have now.

Empowering stories help us move forward. Use the power of your mind and peak performance routines to focus on what builds you up. If you want to develop high-performance routines, you can start by reading my recent article in Brainz magazine!

If you need 1:1 coaching, you can book a complimentary call to see if we are a good fit.

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