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The Gift Of Dyslexia

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

This #DyslexiaDay and #DyslexiaAwarenessWeek I want to take a moment to share a message of hope and encouragement:

Having coached numerous dyslexic children, adolescents and adults since 2003, I know that dyslexia is not a disability but a superpower that can take you to great heights but only if you know how to thrive with it. Dyslexic brains are wired differently but dyslexics have amazing strengths and the exact thinking skills needed for the future.

Here is what you need to know: Don't be discouraged. Dyslexia is just a different way of processing information and seeing the world. Dyslexia can help you think creatively and solve problems. I have always admired all my private dyslexic coaching clients for the amazing way to come up with great ideas.

But I also know how daunting things can feel for dyslexic people. The problem is that the entire education system is obsolete and not designed to support dyslexic brains prosper.

These are some applications that can enhance academic performance for dyslexic learners:


-Dyslexia Quest

-Read 2 Me

-Phonics with Phonograms


-DD's Dictionary

-Learning Ally

-Natural Reader



-Voice Dream Reader





-Co:writer Universal

-Snap & Read Universal

-Google Apps for Education

I am proud that I am on a mission to support dyslexic thinking and its importance and that I am helping dyslexic people capitalise on their strengths and work on their challenges.

Head over to my calendar and book a complimentary 30 minute call to see how I can best coach you to reach your next level of excellence!

The link is here:


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